Earth Reform is a registered non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of life on earth. We spread awareness on  social, political, and environmental issues not spoken about in mainstream media. Our vision is to create a community and offer an opportunity for people to come together to share ideas and resolutions to the world’s problems. Within this forum, we aim to strategize and resolve how to effectively apply the necessary actions to produce change in the world.

“Our future is changing every moment. Every time someone becomes aware and consciously makes a difference or makes a change in their patterns, it sends ripple effects across our probable outcomes.

Let’s design our tomorrow…

Join the movement!”

~ Christine Ebadi (Founder of Earth Reform)

About The Founder 

Christine Ebadi

Christine Ebadi

is a Toronto-based activist and the Founder of Earth Reform Inc.

She immigrated to Canada at the age of 2, from Iran and is no stranger to the impact of international conflict. Since the age of 5, she has had two clear dreams: to be superwoman, and to save the planet.

As a competitive gymnast and stunt actor she fulfilled her first dream, and as she forges ahead with Earth Reform Inc., she fulfills her second.

Committed to making a difference on this planet, Christine is dedicated to spreading awareness and igniting a social and environmental consciousness movement, worldwide.