Earth Reform is a non-profit organization committed to improving the quality of life on earth. We serve as a vehicle of awareness on a mission to ignite a heightened social, political, and environmental consciousness worldwide. We target issues that are not commonly addressed in mainstream media, and aim to confront global systems, analyzing them objectively from outside the box.

Why is 80% of our waste food, when there are children dying by the second from hunger and thirst?

Why do we still use pollution-causing resources to produce fuel and electricity, when the sun provides enough solar energy in an hour to feed the world’s power demands for a year?

We have the technological capability required to aid the world… so what is stopping us?

Lets re-structure our value systems, together. Earth Reform fosters the notion of CHANGE… aspiring to create a world run by love. We strongly believe that information is power, and power should be given to the people. So lets first become aware, and together we can make a difference.  Lets be the voice of action, amplifying decibels at a time.

What would our world look like if forgiveness were a common practice amongst people… if empathy were a favoured emotion and self-pity an expired trend? What would our world look like if we eliminated fear?

Join the movement…

Together we can be the catalyst for change… our mission is:

  • To awaken the blind faith that has shaped a passive society, operating on autopilot.
  • Lifting the veils of self-deception, that has triggered a cataclysm of threats to the survival and existence of future generations
  • Inspiring unconventional views in a linear-thinking world.